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Golem Boss Mod for Minecraft PE

Golem Boss Mod for Minecraft PE
The Golem Boss mod introduces gamers to a new and exciting challenge: fight a formidable boss and master a powerful new sword. With excellent animations, dynamic effects and additional features, this mod guarantees players an exciting journey spanning various game modes.

What is the mod about?

You will meet a new enemy - Boss Golem. He is a formidable opponent and has powerful attacks. It will give you a serious problem even if you are an experienced player.

golem boss

By downloading this mod, you'll encounter a plethora of perilous mobs scattered throughout the realm. Some yield weapons imbued with potent effects upon defeat.

In Creative Mode, players can summon these mobs using spawn eggs from their inventory, witnessing their elegant animations as they materialize and engage in combat.


Moreover, the mod introduces a variety of new items to enrich the gameplay. Utilizing a special crystal, players can animate the shadow golem, while the totem summons the boss for an epic showdown.


Additionally, a new sword awaits discovery—a formidable weapon capable of vanquishing even the most formidable adversaries. With its unique abilities, this weapon grants players an unprecedented advantage in battle.


To obtain these new items in Survival Mode, players can use the crafting recipes provided by the mod developer.



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