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Radioactive Mod for Minecraft PE

Radioactive Mod for Minecraft PE
Do you want to feel the atmosphere after a nuclear disaster? Then download the Radioactive Mod and we guarantee you an exciting experience. With this add-on, players will be able to immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world.

Of course, each player will face some problems due to radiation, as well as environmental hazards. The expansion features unique ores that players can mine to craft various items and tools needed for survival.

To protect themselves from the harmful effects of radiation, players can craft gas masks and other protective equipment.

In addition to survival items, the addon introduces a variety of themed blocks and decorations inspired by sci-fi horror. Players can use these blocks to build shelters, fortifications, and other structures to survive in harsh environments.

Radioactive Craft

In this addition, the player will have an expanded list of items that he will need to use in order not to harm his health in his current habitat. There will also be new variants of fossil ores, from which you can make a bunch of new things.

This mod contains many new items, and there is even a hotel book with detailed instructions.

Explore abandoned laboratories or create your own using new blocks and materials.


Radioactive (1)


Focused on survival and exploration, Radioactive Mod offers a unique gameplay experience that will challenge players to adapt to the environment and overcome the dangers of a nuclear holocaust. Whether collecting resources, crafting protective equipment, or building fortified shelters, players will find plenty of opportunities for adventure in this radioactive world.

Radioactive (2)

Radioactive (4)

And to add a creepy atmosphere you can use decorative objects such as skeletons.


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