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My Little Pony Mod for Minecraft PE

My Little Pony Mod for Minecraft PE
Make the cube world super cute and add some little creatures to it with the My Little Pony mod. This mod will give you peace and pleasure from the game, without bloodthirsty fights and horrors. These little horses will keep you company in games and give you joy.

My Little Pony

This mod will give the block universe a colorful and enchanting world of your favorite animated series.

Each creature will live in its own biome, and you can meet them in their habitat.

Players can interact with ponies by offering them apples and cookies, which they love. By feeding them, players can tame ponies, which will then become loyal companions and follow them wherever they go in the world of Minecraft.

In swampy biomes there are dangerous creatures - Changelings. They pose a threat to players and their adorable pony friends.

Although the mod doesn't introduce any new items or mechanics to the game, its charm lies in the ability to transform into fun and colorful ponies yourself.

You can play by yourself or with friends.

You can also add textures to turn your landscape into more beautiful colors.

My Little Pony (1)

My Little Pony (2)

My Little Pony 2

This is delightful addition to Minecraft PE, offering players the opportunity to immerse themselves in a world full of fun, friendship, and adventure. With its colorful characters and enchanting atmosphere, this mod will definitely appeal to both fans of your favorite cartoon series and Minecraft enthusiasts.

By the way, any character or even the player itself can become one of the mysterious creatures from this mod.

And to get full access to items from the Inventar, go to the creative mode of the game.

My Little Pony (3)

My Little Pony (4)


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