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Anime Characters (Waifus & Husbands) Add-on 1.20+

Anime Characters (Waifus & Husbands) Add-on 1.20+
If you are missing anime in Minecraft, then I have good news for you. Install the Anime Characters (Waifus & Husbands) mod, which adds characters from anime and manga. Each character is unique and has its own behavior. A total of 41 characters are available.

Mob generation

All mobs are generated naturally at different times of the day and locations. At the same time, their spawn does not affect the appearance of other creatures.

Anime Characters

Anime Characters (1)

Anime Characters (2)


For taming, poppy, biscuit and apple are used. You cannot deal damage to creatures after being tamed. They will guard the player and do not like creepers. After you make friends, the characters will see their lives.


You can use the inventory of tamed mobs as your own. Only the owner of the mob can open the inventory. However, when the creature dies, all your things fall out.



You can equip mobs with Netherite Sword or Diamond Horse Armor.
Mob health 35-50 units (with armor 80-100).
Damage: 10-15 (with a sword 15-25).
Equipment drops on death.


Any food is used to treat and restore health.


If the player sits down, then the character also does.


Some mobs after the battle will be able to heal themselves, as well as the owner.


All characters are different, and some have unique abilities. For example, the character Nezuko takes damage during the day from the sun, so he only lives at night.


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