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Strengthened Villagers Add-on 1.20+

Strengthened Villagers Add-on 1.20+
With the Strengthenable Villagers mod, you can equip simple Villagers with weapons of various effects so that they can protect themselves and their village from robber raids.

Such inhabitants can be formed independently. But this is a small chance. You can strengthen a villager by equipping him with a weapon.
The weapon is available in all variants (Wooden / Stone / Iron / Gold / Diamond, Netherite):

Strengthened Villagers


Deals 6 - 10 damage.


Deals 5-9 damage.


Deals 3 - 7 damage.


Deals 4 - 8 damage.


Deals 4-8 damage.

How to power up villagers in Minecraft:

For Windows 10: Approach a villager with an available weapon from the list above in your hands and right-click.

For iOS/Android: Equip a weapon and long-press a villager. The second way to strengthen the villager in the mobile version of Minecraft: click the "Strengthen" button

Strengthened Villagers (1)

Wandering Traders can also be buffed. 25% of merchants are generated immediately reinforced.

Strengthened Villagers (2)

Reinforcement does not apply to children.

Reinforced Villagers with weapons will no longer run and hide from Zombies and Rogue raids. The villagers will bravely fight for their territory. Also, a resident can attack other hostile mobs.

Strengthened Villagers (3)

The villager will run away from the creepers so that they cannot explode.

Ordinary residents are neutral creatures and deal damage only in response to an attack. But boosted villagers will not attack you in response to your damage.

Strengthened Villagers (4)

If you have a low level of popularity, you will be attacked by strengthened villagers like iron golems did. To increase popularity, help the villagers, buy items from them, fight robbers.

Strengthened Villagers (5)

You can also heal a villager by giving him food.

Here is a list of some foods that can be used to heal villagers to restore their health:

  • Beetroot, Potato, Dried Seaweed, Tropical Fish (gives 1 heart)
  • Cookie, Melon Slice, Raw Cod, Raw Lamb, Raw Salmon, Sweet Berries (Gives 2 Hearts)
  • Carrot, Raw Beef, Raw Pork, Raw Rabbit Meat (gives 3 hearts)
  • Apple (gives 4 hearts)
  • Baked Potato, Bread, Fried Cod, Fried Cod (gives 5 hearts)
  • Roasted Chicken, Roasted Lamb, Roasted Salmon, Golden Carrot (gives 6 hearts)
  • Roast Pork, Pumpkin Pie, Roast Beef (Heal Amount: 8)
  • Cake (Heal Amount: 14)
  • Enchanted golden apple (Gives 4 hearts and Effects: Regeneration for 30 seconds, Absorption for 2 minutes, Resistance for 5 minutes, protection from fire for 5 minutes).
  • Golden Apple (Gives 4 hearts. Regeneration for 5 seconds, Consume for 2 minutes).
  • Rotten Flesh, Spider's Eye, Raw Chicken, Puffer Fish, Poison Potato also heal, but also bring negative effects.

    Iron golems can be healed by giving them iron ingots that restore 25 health.

    By killing a reinforced villager, you can get a damaged weapon.

    Strengthened Villagers (6)

    Important points:

    Enchanted weapons do not work to strengthen villagers.

    If a zombie infects a buffed villager, the effect of the buff will be lost after the treatment.

    Armor is not supported for enhancement.

    Bows, tridents and crossbows are not available for enhancement due to technical issues.

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