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Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Add-on 1.20+

Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting Add-on 1.20+
If you've had trouble lighting caves and other structures and are tired of wasting your torches on lighting, then I have a great solution. Install the Raiyon's Dynamic Lighting mod and make it easier for yourself to explore in dark locations in Minecraft 1.20 by simply holding a light source in your hand or add this item to your inventory.

This add-on introduces objects (light sources) into the game that have dynamic lighting functions. It could be lava, torch, or even some mobs. These items need to be added to inventory or held in hand.


Each lighting item has its own level of brightness. For example, if you use a red torch, then the area will be dimly lit, and if you use a regular torch or lava, then more.

dynamic lighting (1)

All of these items have been edited and adjusted for left hand interaction.

Version 1.0.1

The addon developer has added lighting to all the glowing blocks. If you cast a light source, the lighting will be all around.

Mod version 1.0.2

The author added the ability to illuminate the glowing squid too.

Version 1.0.3

Fixed some bugs. And now there is a possibility to illuminate with the help of the Marine Lantern.

Version 1.0.4

There are a few more items that have a brightness level of 15:

• Mushroom light;
• Crystal of the Edge;
• Star of the Downworld;
• Glowing dust;
• Fire charge.

Items with brightness 10:

• Glowing ink;
• Sea cucumber;
• Luminous frame.

Items with brightness 5:

• Magma block;
• Weeping obsidian.

dynamic lighting (2)

Some Creatures have also received lighting levels:

Mob Lava Cube got 10 lighting level.
Tweaked the lighting of the glowing squid.

In version 1.0.5, Charged Squids also glow.

Friends, do not forget to enable the Experimental options in the map settings.


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