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Map Markers Add-on 1.20+

Map Markers Add-on 1.20+
Now players will have the opportunity, as in Java Edishon, to add different marks on the maps in the game. After downloading the Map Markers mod, you can put crosses or arrows, as well as edit them everywhere. This is a very handy feature for Minecraft users.

How does this addon work?

First, you need a new world. After creating it, activate the command entry. In this case, it is unnecessary to include experimental parameters.

The second point is to make a new map.

Map Markers

To place a colored marker, you need to position yourself where you want to mark.

And then enter the command in the chat line: / function map_zoom_0 / marker name.

Map Markers (1)

In the screenshot below you can see a list of all available symbols and their cheats.


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