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World Edit Brush Add-on 1.18+

World Edit Brush Add-on 1.18+
Friends, I want to present a great mod for world developers called World Edit Brush. It's just an add-on that makes it much easier for you to edit your objects in the worlds. Just using a custom brush, you can create a unique Minecraft world.

This addon provides a set of landscape brushes that differ in their characteristics.

In order to get these brushes you need a Toolbox.


Sand brush. With this brush, you can create a sandy surface anywhere.

The first brush is a sand brush. This brush paints a pile of sand in your world. This is useful because the sand is a striped block that will fall into place more naturally. Use this to customize the shape of the terrain.

The Sand Brush:

Brush from sand to stone. This brush replaces the sand you already made with stone.

The sand cover brush coats the surface with sand.

The Sand to Stone Brush

If you want to cover your terrain with mud, use a sand brush to cover the top of the terrain with sand again.

The sand to mud brush changes the surface from sand to mud.

The Sand Cover Brush

Brush from sand to grass. In a matter of seconds, it will turn your surface strewn with green grass. To do this, first use a brush to create sand, and then this one.

The Sand to Grass Brush


You can create a brush for yourself.

If you have a computer you need to use the Set Brush Area Tool.

If you are playing on a mobile phone, then enter the command /function set_brush_area and press Teleport to move to the brush edit. Make your brush and go back to the teleport point back.



Now you can easily and quickly edit landscapes by just clicking on the desired area. You can also paint over the entire surface at once by selecting the Quick Start Brush.

You can then root one area at a time, or press a button to paint continuously.



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