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Instantaneous Staff Add-on 1.20+

Instantaneous Staff Add-on 1.20+
Would you like to be able to quickly teleport between long distances? Just imagine, you only need to think about that place and in a couple of seconds you are already there. In the world of Minecraft, this dream will come true with the Instantaneous Staff add-on.

Details on how this mod works.

The addon adds a new Instantaneous Staff item.

Instantaneous Staff craft

You need to press the Shift key while holding the staff in the triggers. By this action, you will make a point to which you will teleport.

Instantaneous Staff

To move to the created point, you need to click on the screen, you do not need to squat.

See the Instantaneous Staff crafting recipe below. To craft you need: a block of amethyst, three gold ingots, and one stick.

Enable experiment features for the mod to work.


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