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Hydra Mod for Minecraft PE

Hydra Mod for Minecraft PE
The Hydra mod introduces a menacing three-headed monster that adds an exciting experience to the game for players looking for a thrill in their adventures. With four unique boss variants, players can face this powerful creature in different environments, each with their own set of attacks. Come out victorious from the battle and receive your rewards!


• The boss has three heads. Moreover, each of them is capable of delivering destructive attacks.
• There are 4 mob options that can be summoned via the spawn egg.
• They have a variety of attack mechanics: melee strikes, ranged attacks, and a powerful stomp that launches enemies into the air.

• Each boss variant lives in specific biomes, for example, Players can encounter the Poison Hydra in the swamps, the Electric Hydra in the Plains, the Fire Hydra in the Nether, and the Ice Hydra in cold biomes.

• For each mob you need to choose your own strategy. Tip: Use enchantments to reduce damage and increase your chances of survival.

electric hydra

fire hydra

ice hydra


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