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Ramadan Craft Mod for Minecraft PE

Ramadan Craft Mod for Minecraft PE
The Ramadan Craft addon invites players to immerse themselves in the ambiance of the sacred holiday, offering a customized gaming environment. Introducing fresh blocks, items, and avatars, Cube World enthusiasts can relish in a distinctive festive atmosphere.

Key Features of the Modification:

Encounter novel characters donned in traditional attire, comprising men, women, a sheikh, and a musician equipped with drums. These non-playable characters enrich the virtual realm by fostering interactive engagements with players.

npc ramadan craft

Through simple interactions initiated by approaching and activating prompts, players can partake in dialogues and witness their distinct behaviors unfold. For instance, women may flee from zombies, while men actively pursue and vanquish diverse creatures.

sheikh ramadan craft

Apart from introducing new characters, the addon also adds palm wood as a resource material. Players can collect palm wood and use it in construction and decoration.

music ramadan craft

Additionally, the mod adds colorful lanterns that players can use to decorate their world, adding a festive touch to their creations. With a wide range of colors to choose from, players can customize their surroundings and create a vibrant and welcoming atmosphere.


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