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World War Z Mod for Minecraft PE

World War Z Mod for Minecraft PE
For adventurers craving an extra surge of excitement beyond the usual Minecraft journey, the World War Z mod offers an enticing option. Inspired by the famed game of the same name, this immersive realm thrusts players into a gripping struggle for survival against relentless hordes of fast-moving zombies.

Key aspects of the modification

Create more dangerous zombies with unique abilities. They have increased characteristics and a brown texture, so it will be almost impossible to overcome them without a strategy and friends.

animation world war

Moreover, they possess the capability to scale trees and navigate terrain effortlessly, rendering them formidable adversaries even for seasoned players.

fast mobs world

Using Creative mode, players can create zombies at will using special spawn eggs. Whether you want to create a few zombies for a challenging battle or unleash a horde to test your survival skills, the choice is yours. Just be ready to fight like no other.

spawn world


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