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Bundlepack Mod for Minecraft PE

Bundlepack Mod for Minecraft PE
The Bundlepack mod offers a convenient solution to the age-old problem of inventory management. With this add-on, players can easily store and carry their belongings wherever they go in the virtual world.


Thanks to this mod, everything the player needs will always be at his fingertips and ready to use at any time. The add-on provides three different backpack models that differ in size. And with the help of a separate belt, the player can protect his bag, since only its owner can put it on.
Another convenient thing is that these bags can be used to collect both objects and lava with liquids.

True Backpack

In this addon, all new backpacks consist of different materials and vary in colors. In this way, the player can find from their large assortment a model that suits him.
This mod works in multiplayer.


This mod is especially useful for adventurers who love to wander around in search of new challenges and treasures. Creating a new backpack will not be difficult even for an inexperienced player. At the same time, the animation and textures should please you.






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