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Tram Mod for Minecraft PE

Tram Mod for Minecraft PE
The Tram mod for Minecraft PE offers players a unique way to move around the virtual world using a classic form of transport from Soviet times.

Although Minecraft PE already provides travel options such as horses, minecarts and boats, some players may want more variety in their choice of transport. In such cases, the Tram mod comes to the rescue, offering an alternative and original method of transportation.

Players need to activate experimental mode in the settings of Minecraft Bedrock Edition to enable the mod's functionality.

design tram

The Tram mod is especially suitable for themed maps inspired by the Soviet era. With its iconic red design reminiscent of the original trams used in the USSR, it fits seamlessly into worlds themed around that historical period.

interior tram

Getting a tram is easy. In Creative Mode, players will find a Summon Egg in their inventory, allowing them to summon a tram onto existing train tracks. To board a tram as a passenger, simply walk up to the car and interact with the on-screen button that appears.

transport tram

What sets the Tram mod apart from others is its attention to detail. Both externally and internally, the tram is very similar to its real-life counterpart, providing players with an immersive experience reminiscent of Soviet-era tram travel. With faithfully reproduced authentic design elements, players can enjoy the nostalgia of riding a classic tram while exploring the world of Minecraft PE.
Tram Mod for Minecraft PE


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