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Beyond's 3D Weapon Add-on 1.20+

Beyond's 3D Weapon Add-on 1.20+
Beyond's 3D Weaponmod will bring significant changes to the combat system of the cubic world, giving fans new options on a completely different level. Contains a variety of medieval weapons with detailed 3D models, each item of which has unique characteristics and abilities.

One of the brightest representatives of this arsenal is the Circus Sword, capable of causing significant damage and firing explosive projectiles. When using the Circus Hat, explosive projectiles will travel further and explode in a larger radius.

Circus Sword

Circus Hat

The basic hammer is another powerful tool that can be upgraded to three different variations: with lightning, for miners, and with the ability to slow down enemies.

The Skull Wand provides players with the ability to poison opponents and receive random magic items. In addition, crouching and interacting with the Skull Wand imposes an invisibility effect.

Another feature of this addon is the
new structures
that appear in the desert, adding interesting opportunities for exploring the game world.

The Bottle Leggings have an infinite effect, adding new abilities to the player's arsenal.

The Empowered Netherite Sword is a powerful weapon with three upgrade levels. At the final level, this sword grants the player the ability to fly while crouching.

Netherite Sword

In the new version of the mod, two new types of weapons, three new items were added, and the weapon’s ability indicators were also improved.


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