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InSaRe's Warfare Add-on 1.20+

InSaRe's Warfare Add-on 1.20+
Download the InSaRe's Warfaremod and discover a huge collection of various firearms for the game, which will bring new features and unique animations to your Minecraft world. The author devoted a lot of time and effort to creating this mod, and the result of this work deserves special attention.

The Mod includes five sets of weapons for various purposes.

In the "Grenades" section you will find blinding, high-explosive and smoke grenades that will help you in battle and create a tactical advantage.

explosive grenade

flash grenade

smoke grenade

The "WW2" section presents weapons from the Second World War, such as the M1911, Mauser C96, PPSh41, Sten, Thompson, and others, reviving the atmosphere of historical battles.




The "project" includes modern weapons and equipment such as knives, medical supplies, pistols, and machine guns, providing high efficiency and accuracy in combat.

medical equipment

The "Modern Warfare" section offers a wide selection of modern weapons, from pistols and machine guns to sniper rifles and machine guns, allowing you to create powerful and varied weapons for your character.

In addition, you can find new armor that reflects your affiliation with the US or Russian camp.
The mod also features weapons dealers who offer shells and firearms so you can add to your arsenal.

The new version of the mod has fixed bugs, updated models, and sounds, and added compatibility with new versions of the game.


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