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Experiment 8 BETA Add-on 1.20+

Experiment 8 BETA Add-on 1.20+
The Experiment 8 addon will add new parasites to Minecraft PE (Bedrock). They will attack peaceful mobs and turn them into infected ones. They will be difficult to fight, and they will also infect other mobs.

Features of the mod for Experiment 8

Try to challenge yourself in survival mode and add new parasites to Minecraft PE (Bedrock) that will infect everyone and everything. You can also invite your friends to your world to fight the evil spirits together.

About parasites

The parasite will be in the form of a worm, it will slowly turn into peaceful mobs and infect them in Minecraft PE (Bedrock).



It is easier to exterminate them, since it is impossible to cure them. A flamethrower will be added to the game, with which you can burn everything to the ground.

Infected (1)

Infected (2)

Infected (3)


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