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Parasite Apocalypse Add-on 1.20+

Parasite Apocalypse Add-on 1.20+
If you are bored with your survival in Minecraft, then we suggest you install the Parasite Apocalypse add-on. This addon features a variety of hostile creatures and objects that pose a threat to your safety. Creepy textures will remind you of the apocalypse. By the way, these creatures have several development phases, so destroy them before they infect the whole world.


There are 4 stages of development. Each requires certain evolution points (except for the first, nothing happens on it).

From the second phase, creatures will begin to appear around the world.

On the third, mobs that are affected by the disease do not drop the drop.

And on the fourth - you can find a meat tracker.

New mob

Unknown worm

Has 5 health and deals 2 damage to all creatures and the player. This creature is able to climb any surface. His attack is lightning fast, and when attacking, he imposes a slow on his victim.

Unknown Worm

Infested Creatures


Has 45 health and deals 13 damage to all creatures.

Infected Bear


Has 20 health and deals 8 damage.

Infected Cow


Has 24 health and hurts creatures for 9 points.

Infected Horse

Infected Husk

Has 22 health with 10 attack.

Infected Husk


Has 22 health and deals 10 damage to all creatures.

Infected Villager


Has 20 health and can deal 7 damage to all creatures.

Infected Pig


Has 18 health and deals 8 damage.

Infected Sheep


Has 19 health and deals 9 damage to all creatures.

When infected creatures kill someone, it gives 7 evolution points, and there is also a chance to collect an item (mouth).

Infected Wolf

Mutating Creatures

Meat tracker

Has 100 health and deals 17 damage. During a special attack, it can deal 22 damage.

Meat Tracker



• This block can infect other creatures that are nearby. If someone steps on it, the creature will take damage.


There are also blocks such as stone, dirt, logs, and all of them are infected.

Infected Trunk

Infected Dirt

Infected Stone


Parasitic Crossbow

• A long-range weapon that can deal 16 damage.

Parasitic Crossbow

Changes in the new version

• Added new blocks and items.
• Bugs fixed.
• New sound effects.
• Now when attacking a parasite, nearby mobs are infected.


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