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Cloud Boots Add-on 1.16+

Cloud Boots Add-on 1.16+
Cloud Boots Add-on

Would you like to get from one place to another faster, not be afraid to move on high rocks or climb faster up the mountain? If yes, then the new add-on is exactly what you need. The new add-on adds unique boots that allow the player to avoid death from falling from a height, move faster on the ground from one place to another, and climb a mountain faster. With the new add-on, you will forget about the fear of falling, slow movement, and long ascents to the top of the mountains. The new boots are called Cloud Boots.

These boots have a new unique design, below you can see how these boots will look in the Minecraft world:

Cloud Boots

We also draw your attention to the fact that the new boots give the player additional effects, namely:

1. Slow fall;
2. Speed 2;
3. Jump boost 2.

the effects

A distinctive feature of the new boots is their looks and in addition to that, you can also see Golden Feathers on them.

Below you can see the crafting recipes:

Golden feather:

Golden feather

Cloud boots:

Cloud boots


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