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Portal Turrets Add-on 1.17+

Portal Turrets Add-on

Have you ever watched a film or cartoon Portal? Perhaps you have ever played Minecraft using add-ons related to the Portal or something in this style? If you are interested in this topic then you will also like the new add-on, as this time it adds Minecraft Portal Turrets to your world! For those who still do not know what is at stake and also want to use this add-on, which is quite logical, this is the main enemy for the player in the Portal series of games.

These mechanisms or bots have unlimited ammunition, extreme shooting accuracy, they will try to kill any player caught in its beam. You can see which ray we are talking about below. Two types of turrets will be added to the game.

Turret types:

1. The first type of turret is the Aperture Science Sentry Turret. These turrets do not use a fireball to shoot at their target but use bullets. In the previous version of the add-on, it was different, or rather the opposite. Turret model corrected. These turrets will attack all hostile monsters and creatures that will attack or approach them, including players.

These turrets have 20 health points. We recommend that you equip yourself well before going into battle with them. Also, as mentioned earlier, the turret model has been changed, namely that now, when he shoots, his sides open up, which makes this process more effective.

Turret screenshot:

Aperture Turrets (1)

2. The second type of turret is called the Defective Aperture Science Sentry Turret. Defective turrets, also known as broken turrets. These are damaged, out of ammunition, underdeveloped, or improperly assembled turrets.

Unlike regular turrets. When trying to open hidden cannons, it can explode. In order for this turret to explode, just come closer to it.

Turret screenshot:

Aperture Defective Turret (1)

Also below you can see a screenshot with two different types of turrets:

Aperture Turrets (2)

Aperture Defective Turret (2)

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