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Emoji Chat Add-on 1.17+

Emoji Chat Add-on 1.17+
If you like chatting, but you obviously lacked the familiar emoticons, then install the Emoji Chat Addon [WIP]. This is an add-on that will make it easier to understand and convey your emotions through yellow faces. Now while chatting, you can add a suitable emoticon to spice up the conversation.

Authors of this addon: Keyyard Studio (Joshua, Keyyard, Ash)

In order to add this add-on, you need to enable the Gametest Framework.

If you want to send emoji, you need to enter a specific code in the chat field in this format: code:

Here's an example: joy: for very smiley icon

smiley icon

Screenshot of Chat Settings screen to use:

Chat Settings

To select the desired emoticon, you need to go to the "Emoji Dictionary", which is located in the "How to play" section.

This way, you can quickly find a suitable face that reflects your mood.


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