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Minecraft Chucky Add-on 1.17+

Minecraft Chucky Add-on 1.17+
Do you remember all these horror stories with dolls, such cute and innocent toys, and at night they are just devils who want you dead? So get ready to see Minecraft Chucky Addon. You can start to get scared, because this Chucky doll addon is now with new functions, while all it actions are accompanied by terrifying sounds.

Call it into your cubic world if you want to tickle your nerves. In addition, remember, even if it is just a harmless toy during the day, it will rise up at night and start hunting for you. So be careful!

Before starting the game, you better forgive all the possibilities of the Chucky doll.

You just won't find Chucky anywhere. It must be invoked in the afternoon by writing the command: / function chucky.

By the way, you can make Chucky your friend, but only for the daytime.

Cute Chaky, as the doll is called during the day, can be spun by feeding bread, carrots, chicken, fish, melon, potatoes and salmon. Has 100 units of health. Once he becomes your friend, he will roll on blocks like a cat. Can execute the SIT command.

Minecraft Chucky

The screenshot uses the EL SANDO skin.

Minecraft Chucky (1)

On the day of taming Chucky, he will follow the player and swear that he will be a faithful friend and never hurt you.

The next mode of the CHAKI doll is when dusk falls or he is in the dark. Chucky transforms into an evil doll with a thirst for killing.

Minecraft Chucky (2)

He will change outwardly, his face will become terribly terrible, and he will have a bloody knife in his hands.

A distinctive feature of this add-on is the maximum similarity with the movie. When the player's character strikes Chucky, the doll is immediately on its back and starts striking you.

Minecraft Chucky (3)

Chaka's ability to hit everything that moves.

Has 300 Health.

He is the Boss in the game.

Its maximum difficulty is 10/10.

You can only throw this damn doll off the back by jumping into a deep lake. True, you can still ask your brave friend to get rid of Chucky, but it will not be easy to do.

Minecraft Chucky (4)

Minecraft Chucky (5)

You can watch the trailer for this terrifying addon to see everything with your own eyes.


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