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Christmas Advent Calendar Add-on 1.18+

Christmas Advent Calendar Add-on 1.18+
Are you ready to celebrate winter holidays in the Minecraft world? Use the Christmas Advent Calendaraddon to add gifts and a Christmas Calendar, and of course, where without holiday dishes. Merry Christmas to you!

Gift box

You will need to place this block, then destroy it - this is how you get the Christmas calendar. You can use it and trade to receive gifts every day. One piece of paper will give you a gift.

The video will help you figure it out.

What gifts can you get? The most different, this is a reindeer, dancing elves and Santa; you can even get a chair for him and then you can make a childhood dream come true and sit on his lap. Other gifts will include holiday food: turkey, candy canes and Christmas pudding.

In addition, you will add some more elements of the holiday: a Christmas tree, postcards, decorations and socks for gifts.

(Crafting recipe under the description)

Christmas Advent Calendar (1)

Also in this add-on you can make a Eggnog. Nevertheless, be warned: if you eat it, you will feel bad at first, and then you can get the most unusual effects.

Christmas Advent Calendar (2)

The second American dish is potato salad! Not one holiday is complete without it.

Christmas Advent Calendar (3)
Christmas Advent Calendar Add-on 1.18+


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