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Adventurer Backpack Add-on 1.19+

Adventurer Backpack Add-on 1.19+
The Adventurer Backpackadd-on will add a special backpack to the game, which is a universal thing and an assistant for you when traveling around the cubic world. You can easily explore the caves, as you will find a lantern in it, you will not need to worry about places in your inventory, because you can store your items in a backpack. Also, the backpack can be used as a crafting table, and you can craft when you need it, even in an open field.

The advantage of this backpack is that it will not take up an armor slot in your inventory.

To make a new backpack from the add-on, you will need the following items:

For details on how the crafting system, lighting, and storage work, see the video below.

Place the backpack item in your inventory to hang it on your back. In this case, the slot does not matter.

How do backpack systems work?

Crafting system

You need to pick up an item from the backpack and interact with it below under your feet.

Adventurer Backpack (1)

Adventurer Backpack (2)

Lighting system

Place the item in the main inventory slot to make the lantern appear.

Storage system

Hold the desired item that you want to transfer to the inventory of the backpack until two blue arrows appear. If you are playing on PC then just click on the item and drag it to your backpack.

All items in the backpack are immune to fire and lava. But still, as an item, the backpack can be blown up, and it can burn in lava.

In total, the backpack has 15 slots.

The flashlight also moves when moving.


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