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Money Mod for Minecraft PE

Money Mod for Minecraft PE
With money you can buy services, items and other things in the real world, but now thanks to the Money mod and other add-ons discussed in this article, you can also exchange goods in Minecraft. Absolutely all banknotes have a unique design, in accordance with their denomination, so you can use them in the game for any purpose, be it trading with a new NPC who has settled in the village, or paying for services and resources to other players on the server.

Mod Money for Minecraft

Previously, obtaining goods from merchants was possible only with the help of precious stones, but now you can buy any item for banknotes or coins. At the same time, the new money will remind you of different banknotes from different countries, in addition, there will even be credit cards in the game. This adds the effect of reality and new sensations from the gameplay.

Notch money

This modification introduces a new money system into the game that will allow you to buy items from the villagers. If you want to become the richest, then you need to go to the mines in search of dollars. After all, all the emerald ores and the emeralds themselves were replaced with Notch's Money.
The villagers will gladly accept new banknotes from you, and in exchange they will give you a certain product.

Nochth's money is easiest to find in chests and forges.


After installing this addon in Minecraft, you will have coins that can be used as a real currency in the form of money. In total, five types of coins will be available to you, which can be created by smelting vanilla bars or converting them from cheaper options.

This mod is perfect for decoration or role-playing games.

For the mod to work, you must enable the experimental features.


credit card money

items money

trading money


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