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NPC Mod for Minecraft PE

NPC Mod for Minecraft PE
Someone who has been playing Minecraft for a long time could get used to the standard village character and other NPCs. If you want to revive your gameplay and meet new creatures, then the NPC mod will be a godsend for you.

In this article, we have selected for you a few add-ons that you can download and expand the list of unusual and amazing characters in the game world.


This mod adds unique inhabitants of the cubic universe. These characters will be invulnerable. This means that they will take damage from lava, fire, and also they will not be attacked by hostile mobs.

If you are going to make your own map for MCPE then you will definitely need this mod, as they are an essential part of any adventure.

You can find NPCs in villages or create them using a special spawn egg.

The only thing you can do is name your NPC with a tag.


To make your adventure even brighter, add non-player animated characters. With this addon you will have a choice of over 100 NPCs.
All of them will be different from each other, have their own level of health and even equipment.


If you want action, then add new inhabitants to your world. These will be simple NPCs. They will be endowed with special intellectual abilities, and some will even hunt you.

New characters will have smooth movement animations and realistic appearance. You can distinguish them by gender and even by profession.

Enter the START_MANHUNT/DREAM command to make your survival more difficult and add NPCs that will hunt you down and try to destroy you.

female npc

hunter npc

mens npc

more characters npc


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