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Portalstone Add-on 1.19+

Portalstone Add-on 1.19+

With the help of the Portalstone mod, you can mine a new type of ore and use it as a decor for your home. The dye can color the ore and get different shades. To find a resource, you do not need to spend a lot of effort, as it is located all over the world, including in the Nether.

Ore can be mined at depths from level zero all over the world.

There are three blocks that can be crafted from this ore, but their functions are only building and decorative.

With the help of a dye, you can color the material in 16 shades.

Portalstone (1)

Portalstone (2)

Crafting recipes

Portal glass

• It turns out 8 pieces.
• Glow in the dark.

Tinted Portal Glass

• Get 2 pieces.

Tinted Portal Glass

Portal Lanterns

• When crafting, it is formed only in one amount.

Portal Lanterns


ОS: Android 5+

price: 0.00 USD

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