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Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE

Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE
Many addons have already been created for fans of the Marvel universe and the Black Panther mod is one of them. Dangerous characters and heroes from the movie will appear in the open spaces of Minecraft. They will have unique abilities, and the player can create some parts of superhero costumes for themselves.

All functions of the mod are available only with experimental settings enabled.

What does the mod add?

• Famous characters from the movie.
• Superhero costumes.
• Capabilities.
• Weapon.

The process of creating a costume will take place in several stages. Clothes can give you some abilities.

Among the heroes will

• Black Panther
• killmonger
• Ulysses Klaue
• Okoye
• Iron heart
• Namor
• Attuma
• And many others.


fights black panther

iron heart black panther
namor black panther
Black Panther Mod for Minecraft PE


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