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Multiplayer Waypoint System Add-on 1.20+

Multiplayer Waypoint System Add-on 1.20+
If earlier with the help of various add-ons it was possible to create points for teleportation only in a single-player game, then with the help of the Multiplayer Waypoint Systemaddon this feature is also available in multiplayer mode. It is a convenient multifunctional system that can be managed by both administrators and ordinary players.


• Support for other mods and smooth operation even when playing with 100+ users.
• Not limited by the number of participants.
• There are no restrictions on where to create a point, even at coordinates 30,000,000, even in any dimension.
• Up to 10,000 points per user.
• A countdown during which the player needs to be still.
• You can change the point settings.
• Administrators can manage all points.
• Intuitive interface and controls.
• Available in all languages.

How does it work in the game?

After downloading the mod, you will receive a new Waypoint Menu item that you need to use to access the interface and select waypoints.

It is important that Teleportation and Creation only works in the dimension the player is in.

To create a point, press the corresponding button in the menu.

Multiplayer Waypoint System

Be sure to stay where you are.

All the point will be ready, and in order to go to it, press the teleport button.

Multiplayer Waypoint System (1)

Near the point, you will see the direction and distance to the point, where 1 block is 1 meter.

Your teleportation will be accompanied by purple particles.

Settings and change

If you select the Manage button in the menu, then you can configure or change some selected point. Among editing there is a name, coordinates and yes deletion.

If you select the My preferences button, then you can customize the point in more detail, and add any features, such as sound, duration, and so on.

If you find yourself in a situation where you have accidentally misplaced the item that grants access to the waypoint menu, fear not! There is a simple solution to restore it. Just execute the command "/waypoint-menu" and the item will be returned to you, allowing you to enjoy its convenient features once again.

Administrator and player can change settings.

The administrator has more rights.

Using the "/function sirobwaypoints_admin" command gives you admin rights, which give you control over teleportation points. After activation, you will see a notification, a new item will appear on the panel, known as the Waypoint Control Panel. Now, you can customize and manage the waypoint settings for each player. This includes:

• The maximum number of points for each user.
• Duration of immobility to create a point.
• Duration of immobility for teleportation
• Customize enabling or disabling checkpoint features for players.
• Disabling particles.
• Enable or disable the issuance of the Waypoint Menu item on spawn.

In the control panel, if you press the Manage players waypoints button, you can change the waypoints of other players.

Changes in the new version

• The author added a system of rights.
• Added new features.
• Added buttons.
• Fixed bugs.


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