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History Beast Add-on 1.20+

History Beast Add-on 1.20+
The History Beastaddon will take you to an era when huge reptiles roamed the world. Dinosaurs of various shapes and sizes can now be found across the blocky expanse, including the ferocious Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Every single dinosaur has been meticulously brought to life with astonishing accuracy, infusing your adventures with a sense of realism like never before.

Forge unforgettable bonds with these ancient beings as you tame and ride them, forming an unbreakable connection. Brace yourself for monumental clashes, awe-inspiring spectacles, and an enthralling expedition that transcends the boundaries of time!

Attention! Don't forget to turn on the experimental settings so that all the features of the mod are available in the game.


In dense forests, you can meet both harmless herbivorous dinosaurs and predators that can cause great damage to you and even take your life.


• It knocks down its victims with its powerful tail, and then bites.


• The victim receives the main damage from a bite. Using the Puncture Pull method, the reptile knocks the prey down and tears it into pieces.


• Fast and agile.
• They have sharp claws.
• Attacks its prey from behind.


• It defends itself with its spiked tail and scares off predators.


• They have sharp teeth and a powerful jaw.

History Beast (1)

History Beast (2)

History Beast (3)

History Beast (4)

History Beast (5)


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