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Trees Aplenty Add-on 1.20+

Trees Aplenty Add-on 1.20+
The Trees Plenty addon for Minecraft will bring a variety of trees into the game world, each with a unique appearance that gives your world a feeling of freshness and inspiration.

You will not only feel like you are in a real forest, but you will also be able to use all the trees for their standard purpose. Wood from new tree species becomes a valuable material for creating a variety of wood items. With such a wealth of alternative options, countless new designs and items can be brought to life.


• Each of the different types of trees brings their own unique range of wood materials, including slabs, stairs, hatches, as well as specific wood recipes.

In this world, there are three different types of trees, as well as tender seedlings and foliage that crumbles like ordinary deciduous leaves. It is important to note that logs and trimmed logs from these trees are also at your disposal.

• Meet the cherry tree that lives in the thick of the birch forests. Its mundane presence is complemented by a delicate pink-purple coloration, and its wood is easily amenable to fire, giving out cherries instead of the usual apples.

• In the taiga you can find a blue mahogany tree, paying homage to an ordinary find with its apples, but it itself stands out with a bright blue color.

• The ebony tree hiding in the Dark Oak Woods is striking in its thickness and offers you a special fruit - Ebony Persimmons. With their use, you will exprience regeneration, resistance to fire and explosions.

• Meet the green heart, famous for its appearance in the jungle. This tree can be both thin and massive, adding variety to the visual aspect.

• Peltogin wood finds life in flower forests and meadows. Her tall stature and purple palette make for an impressive look.

• Holly wood thrives in ice biomes. It is fragile, but weak to explosions, and contact with foliage can take damage similar to that of a cactus.

• Cladrastis, recognizable by its yellow coloration, originates in the savannas, bringing properties similar to holly wood.

• And in the meadows, jacaranda wood stands proudly, standing out in a rich purple hue, and its foliage, immersed in water, becomes a source of healing for the traveler.


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