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Beta Hider Resource Pack

Beta Hider Resource Pack
If all these beta elements annoy you while playing the test version of the game, then this is the Beta Hider Resource Pack for you. Just with the help of this pack, you can hide all the signs of the test mode, and at the same time the main menu will be like in a regular game. Everything for your convenience.

The following is a list of all the components that will change using this resource pack.

  • The main menu panorama looks the same as in normal mode.
  • There is no Beta text at the top of the screen.
  • Also there are no subtitles and BETA recording.
  • Beta download messages are now common.
  • The word "Beta" on the start buttons and in the list of worlds is missing.

Beta Hider textures are handy for gameplay and video recording. It will be much more fun to play.


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