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GTA San Andreas GUI

GTA San Andreas GUI
If you've ever loved GTA San Andreas and miss it so much, then there is good news. Install the GTA San Andreas GUItextures and all your familiar game interface will change to the legendary one. Now your game will look completely different, all menus have been redesigned by the author, including the pause menu, the main menu and even the game interface. In addition, a piece of the legendary game GTA SA will be transferred to your Minecraft world.

Textures for GTA San Andreas:

This resource pack will immerse you in the atmosphere of the original game, and this will not only concern the appearance of the menu and the graphical interface, but the set of music and sounds will now be in a cube world. Nostalgic for pleasure.

GTA San Andreas GUI (1)

There are some known bugs in the game after installing the pack, the author is trying to fix them. They appear when using the Special Hud Version Kryston.

1. Problems with the paper doll if the player is using the "Pocket UI Profile"
2. There is no product name on the quick access bar.
3. A red cursor appears.

In addition, you can install GTA SA HUD 0.0.7 from Kryston for great features. But you should already have this pack installed.

If the resolution is not suitable for XBOX or Playstation, change the level in the interface scale settings.

If suddenly the music does not play, then turn it on in the settings or restart the game after installing the resource pack.

There are also 2 versions of this pack, Special Hud and Basic, the difference is in additional functions.

Next, you can clearly see how the graphical interface of many menus is changing using this resource pack.

GTA San Andreas GUI (2)
GTA San Andreas GUI (3)
GTA San Andreas GUI (4)
GTA San Andreas GUI (5)
GTA San Andreas GUI (6)
GTA San Andreas GUI (7)
GTA San Andreas GUI (8)
GTA San Andreas GUI (9)


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