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Festive Kit PvP Texture Pack

Festive Kit PvP Texture Pack
Festive Kit PvP is a real fun. You will have battles with real opponents. You can also compete with other players alone or assemble your team to confront other users. In addition, this version adds winter holiday decorations, gifts, maps and New Year's creatures with which you can fight.


This mob will have iron armor, attack with a candy cane, a crossbow and a shield. Fights in every way.


This mob has golden armor, attacks with a bow at long distances.


This character is able to jump high, and the carrot makes it possible to fly in the air. Attacks with a fishing rod.

Gingerbread Man. Although this creature has weak armor, it has a powerful diamond sword, with which it deals great damage. Moreover, with the help of milk, he replenishes his strength.


He has a very powerful netherite armor, slow, attacks with his sticks.

Also added New Year maps.

The first map is made in the form of a huge bowl of mud with a Christmas tree in the center of the location.

A large dirt bowl

The second map is Santa's Factory. There are many different obstacles on which you can jump and walk.

Santa's factory

In addition, the third map, rather unusual - Iceberg, which is surrounded by lava. Poor snowmen are melting around.


It uses special textures to create themed blocks to give the game a Christmas feel.

Special Textures and Box

Special Textures and Box (1)


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