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Des Bijoux Texture Pack

Des Bijoux Texture Pack
Tired of vanilla Minecraft? This can be fixed by adding new textures, they will give a new look to the familiar game. This is exactly what the Des Bijouxtexture pack does. The assembly will give your world a fresh sophistication. In addition, in the latest version, the textures of plant blocks and granite, diorite and andesite are completely changed.

This is a fairly large pack of textures that completely makes the appearance of the worlds in Minecraft new. This is most noticeable on ore blocks, because they have become more detailed and patterns have been added. The list of changes includes such items as:

* Brick;
* All kinds of quartz;
* Blue orchid;
* Normal and tall grass;
* Rails;
* Edge Stone and Edge Brick;
* Obsidian.

Below you can see how the world improves with these textures.

Overworld Photos:

Overworld (1)

Overworld (2)

Overworld (3)

Photo Nether:

Nether (1)

Nether (2)

This build also adds new items to the game:

New stuff


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