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Java Aspects Texture Pack

Java Aspects Texture Pack
Surely, when playing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition on a mobile device, you wanted the features from the PC version to be available too. After all, it's no secret that the Java Edition has more advantages over the mobile version of the game. In this regard, you can install Java Aspectstextures, which change some elements, such as water, particles, sounds, and the pocket version becomes like a computer one.

The note. New default textures and Programmer Art textures work with this build. You can choose this in the settings.
Please note that for the Programmer Art Texture to work, activate the Classic Texture Pack.


In addition to the fact that the textures are battened down by changes in the graphic part, the sound part of the game is also being updated.

The add-on includes various options, so choose the one you like to your taste.

1. Universal (you get changes that do not depend on the option of the add-on)
2. New Default (enabled only when using the New Default package option)
3. Programmer Art (only activated when using the Programmer Art pack.)

Java Aspects (1)

Java Aspects (2)

Java Aspects (3)

Java Aspects (4)

Christmas chests

All chests are exchanged for New Year's gifts.

Java Aspects comes in two flavors: Fidelity and Performance. They have their differences.
If you are playing on a mobile device, you should install the Performance version of Java Aspects, as it will have less latency.

Java Aspects (5)


• Improved models and animations.
• Improved interface.
• Changed sounds, added more from Java.
• Fixed some bugs.


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