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KSPE Renewed (Android/iOS)

KSPE Renewed (Android/iOS)
The KSPE Renewed Texture Pack improves and updates some of the graphics in the Minecraft Bedrock Edition game world. This build will improve such parameters as lighting and reflection, natural phenomena, shadows from blocks, the color palette of the sky, add realism to water and other elements.

This add-on requires a powerful device, please make sure your device is capable of supporting these textures before downloading.

In the new version, the author has added such changes as:

• Diversified color palette;
• Improved the landscape;
• Added shadows to new blocks;
• New textures for plants;
• Even more realism near the water;
• More vibrant colors during rainy weather;
• Now puddles will appear after and during the rain;
• Fixed some bugs.

In order for these textures to show their best quality, use brightness by 100 units.

Gameplay Screenshots

KSPE Renewed (2)

KSPE Renewed (3)

KSPE Renewed (4)

KSPE Renewed (5)
KSPE Renewed (Android/iOS)


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