LBT Shader

LBT Shader
The LBT shader is made to change colors and image quality under various conditions in the Minecraft world. The changes will affect daylight, sunset, night time period, rainy weather and even Nether. The fog in the cubic world has not remained unchanged either, it will become more saturated and clear.

The author tried to make the assembly as productive and optimal as possible for all devices. Therefore, this add-on will not slow down on your device.

For optimal performance, it is recommended to set the brightness to 100.

Screenshots from the game using the LBT Shader below

LBT Shader (1)

LBT Shader (2)

LBT Shader (3)

LBT Shader (4)

LBT Shader (5)

LBT Shader (6)

  • Daylight and beautiful blue skies
  • Incredible Sunset
  • Night mode
  • Rainy weather
  • Night and beautiful Sky Star
  • View of the Nether
  • Changes in the new version
  • Updated the colors of the lighting blocks; reduced the brightness of orange.
  • Fixed bugs.


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