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Custom Block Breaking Animations Texture Pack

Custom Block Breaking Animations Texture Pack
The Custom Block Breaking Animationstexture pack is a great way to add something new to the game. This time it's the block breaking animation. The author changed the old boring animation into 11 different options. Now there will be no particles from blocks when you break them, which will certainly affect the overall picture in the game.

This build is great for mini-games like Bedwars and similar.

In total, the developer added 11 types of animation when breaking blocks. The essence of this animation is to show the percentage, the degree of destruction of the block. It can be in the form of numbers, color schools, lines, and so on.

Also, there is a new click sound. In this case, you will no longer see particles from destroyed blocks. Perhaps this will affect the number of lags in the game.

What animations appeared:

1. Number
2. Colored bar
3. Smooth square
4. Progress bar
5. Corner
6. Corner fill
7. Cobweb
8. Flower
9. Sci fi
10. Laser ray
11. Curvy
Custom Block Breaking Animations Texture Pack


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