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Zebra Shader for Minecraft PE

Zebra Shader for Minecraft PE
Many players like the Minecraft world because everyone can customize and improve it for themselves by downloading various mods, textures, maps, etc. If you want to smooth out the pixelated effect and achieve real graphics, then install the Zebra shader. This assembly corrects graphics, colors, adds movement and shadows, making the cubic world more alive.


• Reduced brightness.
• Soft shades of textures of objects and blocks.
• Changed contrast.
• Daylight.
• New color palette.
• Rain with fog.
• Blue color of water, transparency.
• New form for the Sun and Moon.
• Fairy night sky and stars.
• Leaves fluttering.

The developer claims that the shader was tested on Android devices, but the performance on iOS is not specified.

Zebra Shader (1)

Zebra Shader (2)

Zebra Shader (3)

Zebra Shader (4)
Zebra Shader for Minecraft PE


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