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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
Install Minecraft PE on your Android device. Made changes to Armadillo's twisting mechanics and adapted Breeze's behavior. Six innovations have been introduced in Experimental mode.

Also, when installing this test version, be sure to make backup copies of your worlds so as not to lose them.

Experimental Features

Improvements have been made in functionality. Main changes:

1. The process of twisting Armadillos has been optimized.

• Generation of vibrations.
• Juveniles are not sent to their parents.
• No leg flicker.
• Problems with sounds have been resolved.

2. Improved visualization of particles in the Test Spawner.
3. Breeze is now able to perform jumps in water.
4. Breezes carefully avoid the Hatches.
5. The darkening effect of Breeze's wind projectiles has been removed.
6. Changes have been made to the sound settings when removing or putting on Wolf Armor.

Similarities with Java

1 update was made in the generation of the Ruins of the Path.


• Pistons no longer move players to the start of the world.
• Increasing items using the Luck Enchantment Book does not affect item drops.
• The problem of exiting a vehicle while on a block with fire has been resolved.
• Boats remain when spawning next to a character or Boat.
• Flying players are slowed down when touching a surface.
• After abruptly leaving the game and then logging in, you will appear in the same place where you were.
• When using a double jump in flight, the player does not rise up a short distance.
• Changed font boundaries.
• Villagers will look for a new bed if they have lost the previous one.
• The fugue no longer swells for no reason.
• There is no longer a double drop of Armor from mobs.
• Marauders correctly spawn near the outpost.
• Realams work stably without crashes or freezes.
• Resident skins have been fixed.

Technical updates

More than 20 new updates are aimed at optimizing the work of moderators and testers.
Minecraft PE for Android


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