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Minecraft PE for Android

Minecraft PE for Android
A small test version of Minecraft has been released, in which there is one fix in the game mode, an innovation was removed from the previous version and a technical update was added.

A very small update came out this week, most likely the developers are preparing to release a lot of new content related to the Cherry Blossom biome and the Armor Decoration feature. Looking forward to the next update.


Canceled the innovation associated with the growth of the player. Main:

• Temporarily removed the decrease in the player's height at the time of crouching to 1.5 blocks due to glitches with the camera.

Fixed bug

• When landing in Powdery Snow, users can disable crouching by releasing the button.

Technical update

• In this section, we have improved the work when clicking the buttons in the Market.

The creators of Minecraft report that the release of the version files is again delayed.
Minecraft PE for Android


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