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Doctor Strange Hide and Seek Map

Doctor Strange Hide and Seek Map
The captivating Doctor Strange - Hide and Seekmap draws inspiration from the acclaimed 2016 Marvel movie Doctor Strange, in which acclaimed actor Benedict Cumberbatch portrayed the protagonist onscreen. The map represents some of the film's unique atmospheric locations, including the breathtaking scenery of New York City and the magical sanctuary of Kamar Taj. A special highlight of the map - innovative structures that emerge horizontally from the walls of buildings add extra depth and originality to the game.

The game mode on this map is an exciting version of Hide and Seek. In this atmospheric game, seekers seek to identify and catch all the hiding players. However, once any of the hiding players are discovered, they will join the Seeker team, creating an exciting balance between strategy and adrenaline.

This map is designed not only to provide players with an incredible visual and gameplay experience, but also to envelop them in the spirit of adventure and magic that characterizes the world of Doctor Strange.

Rules of the game

The chest should contain items for each participant in the game. By pressing a button, everyone receives a role and goes to the location corresponding to the role. Seekers go to the timer, and the other players go to the map, having received the item - the Eye of Agamotto.

The player who will take the seeker's suit and stick from the chest so the seeker cannot set it on fire. If all players are found and caught, the game will end.


Doctor Strange Hide and Seek (1)
Doctor Strange Hide and Seek (2)
Doctor Strange Hide and Seek (3)


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