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House Trap Survival Map

House Trap Survival Map
Endure, battle, and thrive within the confines of the House Trap Survival Map designed for Minecraft! Embark on a demanding survival adventure where your abilities will be thoroughly examined, pitting you against successive hordes of menacing adversaries, ranging from zombies and creepers to formidable spiders.

Your objective is to endure for the maximum duration while navigating the concealed enigmas and labyrinthine passages strewn across the terrain. Each uncharted region you unveil will introduce a fresh set of distinct trials and barriers, demanding your constant vigilance and sharp intellect.

What will be on the map?

While progressing through this terrain, resource collection becomes essential, and crafting weaponry and utilities is imperative to withstand the unyielding onslaught of adversaries. Given the scarcity of supplies and the absence of respawns, each choice you make may potentially determine your fate, distinguishing between survival and demise.



Withstand the attack of several waves of mobs. Use all kinds of ways to destroy monsters.

Investigating Concealed Riddles and Labyrinths. The author has come up with all possible tasks and puzzles that will require attentiveness, dexterity and intelligence.

Don't miss the opportunity to collect resources and create equipment. In your adventure, this will be very important, since there are dangers at every turn, you should not be wasteful, as resources will be limited. Create something that will save your life.


Uncovering Concealed Riches. As you journey across the map, you'll stumble upon hidden riches that will play a pivotal role in your quest for survival and prosperity.

Ranging from sustenance to weaponry, each treasure you stumble upon holds immense significance for your continued existence.

Resources and Crafting

Some of these treasures might be cleverly disguised in plain view, while others may necessitate your adeptness in deciphering puzzles or navigating intricate mazes. Nevertheless, given the multitude of treasures awaiting discovery, the fruits of your labor are unquestionably worth the endeavor.

Hidden Treasures

Hidden Treasures (1)


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