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Outlast Horror Map

Outlast Horror Map
Experience an exciting horror adventure on the Outlast map. The plot is based on the original game. Your goal is to expose the corporation that is conducting terrible experiments in the hospital.

But you need to be extremely careful in your investigation, as there will be maniacs everywhere who want to stop you. Collect batteries to restore your health, otherwise you will die. If I were you, I would either run or hide.

This map is not only a retelling of the original Outlast game with an exquisite storyline, but also includes:

1. New sound effects and music that give the game world a new atmosphere.
2. The duration of the passage is about two hours, enriching the gaming experience with additional time in the world of Outlast.
3. Updated interface and improved camera, which provides a more comfortable and immersive interaction with the gaming environment.
4. Detailed locations that give the Outlast gaming universe a new level of realism and immersion.


Outlast Horror (1)

Outlast Horror (2)

Outlast Horror (3)

Outlast Horror (4)
Outlast Horror Map


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