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Find the Button Eclipsia Map

Find the Button Eclipsia Map
Find the Button Eclipsia is an engaging map that presents the challenge of discovering concealed buttons across a variety of unique levels. As you progress through the map, the difficulty increases, with a total of 5 main levels to conquer, and an enigmatic secret level for those who are up to the task.

Within this map, you'll encounter the following 5 diverse levels:

1. The first level immerses you in a pitch-black environment that demands careful exploration to locate the elusive button.

Find the Button Eclipsia (1)

2. The second level transports you to an arid desert oasis, where the button is cleverly hidden amid the sandy terrain.

Find the Button Eclipsia (2)

3. The third level unfolds in a mysterious underwater world, filled with enigmatic secrets waiting to be uncovered.

Find the Button Eclipsia (3)

4. The fourth level is a compelling blend of light and shadow, challenging your observational skills to locate the hidden button.

Find the Button Eclipsia (4)

5. The fifth level poses the button amidst a cluttered and chaotic bookshelf, requiring keen attention to detail.

Find the Button Eclipsia (5)

And, of course, the final level remains shrouded in secrecy, inviting only the most daring explorers to unveil its mysteries. 🤫
Find the Button Eclipsia Map


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