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Prison Map – Cops and Robbers

Prison Map – Cops and Robbers

Acquire this expansive penitentiary realm today! The Prison Map presents a plethora of structures, including a residence, edifice, bank, grocery store, municipal hall, graveyard, and the centerpiece—the prison itself.

For those who yearn for ample space for exploration and even potential construction, this map offers additional room to expand. Infuse your personal challenges and edifices into the landscape for added amusement. Engage in the classic game of cops and robbers with your companions.

Key Highlights:

As you commence your journey, opt for the role of a Police Officer and arm yourself with a sword, baton, three Key 1s, and two of each Key 2 and Key 3! Strategically place Key 1 into the designated hoppers near the cafeteria and yard areas.

Key 2 is to be discreetly deposited into the hopper within the armory room, accessed through the shower area next to the cafeteria.

To access Key 3, navigate to the small room situated by the front prison wall and insert it into the corresponding hopper. Once the key duties are accomplished, kindly retrieve them (only one!) and ensure that fellow players adhere to the rules.

It is advisable to establish a structured daily routine within the prison, encompassing activities such as breakfast, showers, exercise, and more. Don't forget to create a backup of the world after each playthrough to ensure eternal enjoyment!

These are just a glimpse of the myriad features embedded in this remarkable map. There's more to explore beyond what is showcased in these images.

Countless blocks have been meticulously employed in the construction of this magnificent masterpiece, providing you with the freedom to indulge in a wide range of activities. So, embark on your journey within this high-security correctional facility!


- Refrain from tampering with or looting armor stands with heads.
- Maintain survival mode and avoid any form of cheating.
- Exercise restraint when it comes to prison hopper usage, unless you are designated as a law enforcement officer.
- Preserve the integrity of locked doors, with the exception of prison cell doors.
- Utilize levers and buttons solely for their intended functions within the respective areas.
- Abstain from building block towers or attempting forced entry into secure locations with your fists.
- In the presence of redstone contraptions, avoid any interference.
- Foster an atmosphere of fair play, refraining from spawn-killing other players.
- Ensure that all participants on the server are well-versed in the rules of engagement.
- Above all, embrace the joy of this experience!

Visual Impressions:

Prison Map (1)

Prison Map (2)

Prison Map (3)

Prison Map (4)

Prison Map (5)


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