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The Exit Map (Horror)

The Exit Map (Horror)
Step into the chilling realm of «The Exit» Horror Maps, where an unsuspecting individual jolts awake to find themselves in the eerie confines of an abandoned hospital.

The desolate halls conceal not only an air of mystery but also unsettling and horrifying phenomena. As you navigate through the haunted corridors, gruesome sights of splattered blood heighten the sense of dread.

What intensifies the terror are the presence of three peculiar and spine-chilling entities, shrouded in a veil of fear.

Unravel the enigmatic secrets embedded within the hospital's walls, all while racing against time to make a swift escape. Each step taken is fraught with the unknown, urging you to hasten your departure from this nightmarish setting.

Embark on an adrenaline-fueled journey with the enigmatic map that awaits you:

Slendrina's Return: A Heart-Pounding Encounter

Prepare yourself for the spine-chilling return of Slendrina on this map. Brace for the jumpscare that awaits, but a word of caution – for those with heart conditions, venturing into this realm is strictly advised against!

Slendrina's Return

Illuminate Your Path: Uncover the Mystery of the Levers

Navigate through the ominous surroundings and search for three elusive levers hidden in specific rooms. Your mission: activate these levers to illuminate the darkness and set the gears of the elevator in motion.

Keep your wits about you as you unveil the secrets within chests scattered throughout the map.

Find the 3 levers

Jeff the Killer: A Terrifying Pursuit

Beware the relentless entity known as Jeff the Killer, lurking menacingly on the second floor. This malevolent force won't hesitate to chase you down, and encountering it could prove fatal. Exercise extreme caution and strategic thinking to outmaneuver Jeff's relentless pursuit. Your survival depends on it.

Jeef The killer

Dive into the suspense, but remember, in the realm of this map, fear is not merely a concept—it's an imminent reality. Are you ready to face the horrors that await?


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