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Kuntilanak Horror Map

Kuntilanak Horror Map
Kuntilanak map unfolds a haunting narrative rooted in Indonesian folklore, centered around the ghostly presence of a kuntilanak — a woman who perished during childbirth.

The storyline delves into the complexities of a marital relationship, where the husband abandons his responsibilities, leaving his wife to endure the harrowing ordeal of childbirth alone.

Tragically, she succumbs to her struggles and transforms into the vengeful spirit of the kuntilanak. Adding to the macabre tale, the husband callously discards the newborn, further intensifying the wrath of the kuntilanak spirit.

Be cautious, for the vengeful spirit is vigilant, watching your every move as you tread through the haunting landscapes.


Step into the haunting narrative as you become entangled within the confines of a sealed basement. Your objective: discover three levers strategically placed to power up the generator, granting passage to the elevator that reveals the unfolding chapters of your expedition.

Exercise caution, as the malevolent gaze of the Kuntilanak is keenly focused on your every move!

Explore distinct locales, each laden with its own set of missions:

1. The Basement:

Explore the boundaries of the secured chamber, untangling the enigma concealed within as you seek out three levers. Initiate the generator to energize the elevator, propelling you toward the subsequent chapter of your journey.

The Basement

2. Old House:

Enter into a conversation with Rendi, the separated spouse of the kuntilanak. Accept a task from him as you delve further into the disquieting storyline that unfurls within the aged dwelling.

Old House

3. Forest and Village:

Embark on a quest to follow the eerie path of blood, guiding you to the unsettling revelation of the infant's remnants. Feel the escalating intensity of the kuntilanak's spirit as you delve deeper into the somber truths of history.

Forest and Village

4. Cemetery:

In this melancholic setting, your duty is to provide a serene resting place for the forsaken infant. Lay the baby's remains to rest within an unoccupied tomb, confronting the grim repercussions of the husband's heartless deeds.



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