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Ice Battle Arena Map

Ice Battle Arena Map
Step into the frosty world of the Ice Battle Arena map, where every breath you take fogs up the air, and the icy ground beneath your feet sets the stage for intense combat. The battleground is vast, surrounded by towering ice walls and majestic spikes, creating a stunning yet challenging environment.

Key Features:

1. A frozen landscape that creates an unearthly atmosphere.
2. Natural barriers made of ice spikes, which will become a real test, and in some cases, provide protection.
3. Slippery surface in the central part of the map.
5. A tower of ice spikes surrounds the arena, creating a stunning backdrop but also obstacles. Therefore, you need to move carefully.
6. In the new version, another barricades have appeared - Frosty obstacles: They are ice pillars that serve both as shelter and strategic points.

Gear up for an icy showdown in the Ice Battle Arena, where every step is slippery, every move is strategic, and victory awaits those who can navigate the frozen battleground.


Ice Battle Arena (1)

Ice Battle Arena (2)

Ice Battle Arena (3)


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